Home business Electric Transporter subsidiary Streetscooter: Deutsche Post checks all options

Electric Transporter subsidiary Streetscooter: Deutsche Post checks all options

Deutsche Post is keeping an eye on the future of the electric Streetscooter package car. "We are investigating how Streetscooter can develop well and profitably, there are several options and we will see where we are going this year," said Dax Group CFO Melanie Kreis, the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (monthly issue), confirming the latest statements from CEO Frank Appel. The street scooter is initially an important resource. "We have now more than 9000 Successful in action, that is good for the environment. There is also external interest in street scooters. "

On Friday, it was announced that the Post subsidiary Streetscooter must agree without one of the founders of the electric car manufacturer. Achim Kampker I left the company. The farewell retroactively to April 1 was "out of personal wish and for personal reasons" happened. Kampker returned to the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen as a professor. In the course of the existing cooperation with the university, people will continue to work with him in the future. Streetscooter was founded in 2010 by professors from RWTH, including Kampker.

Other co-founders have already left

In 2014, Deutsche Post bought the company to make its fleet more climate-friendly with its own electric carriers. While co-founders, such as the current boss of the start-up of the electric car, e.Go, Günther shoe, disembarked, Kampker remained behind the wheel of the company in Aachen as a Streetscooter boss. At the beginning of March he was a step back in the hierarchy – he gave up his executive position for manager Jörg Sommer of the American manufacturer of electric commercial vehicles Chanje. Kampker moved to the position of chief of the street scooter innovation.

Streetscooter has according to its own data around 500 employees at the head office in Aachen, where for example the development department and sales are located. In two factories – also in Aachen and Düren – a total of around 500 employees work for external companies that produce the vehicles on behalf of Streetscooter. In addition, the company is building a large electric van in cooperation with Ford in Cologne. For a long time the e-van was considered a flagship project of Deutsche Post, which accompanied the company with a large number of PR measures.

Problems accumulate

De Post is widely praised for placing an e-alternative for its carrier from the traditional manufacturer on the road. But recently there were more problems and critical voices. So a few hundred vehicles had recently passed fire hazard temporarily taken out of service. In addition, the to achieve the vehicle is not too high, the loading times are long and the comfort for the drivers low. A promotion costs a lot of money. Appel failed to get suitable partners on board or to pass on the daughter, a few analysts complained last. (Dpa / SWI)

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