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Customers are angry! Where the O2 network is disturbed and why

In many parts of Germany there are currently disruptions in the telecommunications provider O2.

On the Allesstörungen.de page, between 8 and 12 am, a maximum of 300 error messages per hour were received. Hesse (with a focus on Frankfurt am Main) and North Rhine-Westphalia (with a focus on Düsseldorf and Paderborn / Gütersloh) are particularly badly hit, as are the Hamburg and Berlin regions.

▶ ︎ According to users with mobile internet and mobile telephony, most connection problems. Many customers are pissed off.

• A woman writes: "I find it a mess that O2 customers are not informed by SMS that there are problems! With me since 15.30 only an emergency call is possible."

Broken fiber optic cable

Telefónica told BILD that the restoration work is being carried out: "The affected line must be completely renewed over a length of several hundred meters." The work on site is progressing well, and since the late morning more and more plants have been connected to the power grid. "

However, full availability of the mobile network in the affected areas is not to be expected until all work is completed by the end of the afternoon.

Telefónica: "Until then, the GSM, UMTS and LTE network of Telefónica Germany will continue to affect the metropolitan areas of Dortmund, Bremen, Oldenburg, Brunswick, Kassel and parts of the Siegerland, Münsterland and East Westphalia."


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