Home business Currency and gold prices today Tuesday, April 9, 2019 in Egypt

Currency and gold prices today Tuesday, April 9, 2019 in Egypt

Dollar, Dollar and Gold Today, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Dollar Today, Saudi Riyal, Euro Today, today's gold price in all banks today, through updated tables and instant monitoring of the gold price in Egyptian markets. Egypt 365 site for the latest and latest prices of the dollar, riyal, euro and gold through the tables constantly updated.

The price of gold today is Tuesday, April 9, 2019 in Egypt

The price of gold today in Egypt, we offer to your hosts a table that includes the price of gold today in shops and Egyptian markets without goldsmith, the price of gold 21 caliber in Egypt, the price of gold today, 18 caliber, the price of gold 24 caliber and all the caliber in Egypt now.

unit The price of gold in Egyptian pounds
Gold prices can vary from store to store
Caliber 24 707 to 710
Caliber 22 648 to 651
21 caliber 619 to 621
18 caliber 531 to 532
14 gauge 413 to 414
Caliber 12 354 to 355
U.S 22,001 to 22,072
Pound of gold 4,952 to 4,968
kilos 707,429 to 709,714



Rate from Saudi Riyal today Tuesday, April 9, 2019 By:

The exchange rate of the Saudi riyals today in Egypt, the riyal rate in banks, the riyal price on the black market and the exchange rates, we present you the update of the Saudi Riyal exchange rate during today's trading in Egypt, where we send your prices to the riyal today through the updated tables in real time every change in the Saudi Riyal During today's trading in Egypt, the Riyal exchange rate at Banque Misr and the Riyal interest rate at Ahli Bank, the Saudi Riyal today at all banks.

Like a bank Purchase price Selling price
Egypt-Iran Development 4,5790 4.6390
Bank of Abu Dhabi 4,5910 4.6350
Egyptian-Gulf Bank 4.6150 4.6340
National Bank 4,6000 4.6290
Al-Baraka Bank 4,5340 4.6710
Bank of Alexandria 4,5770 4.6340
Arab-African bank 4,5790 4.6320
Central bank 4.6020 4.6370
Bank of Egypt 4,5990 4.6290
Bank-Blum-Egypt 4.6050 4.6320
Credit Agricole 4,5840 4.6330
Bank construction and housing 4,5410 4.6820
Bank Piraeus 4,5840 4.6340
Suez Canal Bank 4,5960 4.6370
United Bank 4,5780 4.6350
Commercial International Bank 4,5840 4.6290
Bank Mashreq 4,5870 4.6340
Arab-International Bank 4.6050 4.6320
HSBC Bank 4,6100 4,6300
Bank Sayb 4,5900 4,6300
Bank Audi 4.6070 4.6350
National bank of Greece 4,5800 4.6410
Egyptian – for development – import 4,5900 4.6340

The euro today will be with the banks on Tuesday 9 April 2019

Today is the Euro Rate in All Banks, the Euro Today in Egypt, the Euro Rate Today is immediately updated by banks, we are now sending the last rate of the Euro to Egypt.

The price of the euro now

Like a bank Purchase price Selling price
Egypt-Iran Development 19.3270 19.5980
Bank of Abu Dhabi 19.3790 19.5420
Egyptian-Gulf Bank 19.3670 19.5510
National Bank 19.3500 19,5200
Al-Baraka Bank 19.2820 18.5880
Bank of Alexandria 19.3530 19.5420
Arab-African bank 19.3610 19.5310
Central bank 19.3700 19.5210
Bank of Egypt 19.3500 19,5200
Bank-Blum-Egypt 19.3610 19.5310
Credit Agricole 19.3730 19.5420
Bank construction and housing 19.3410 19.6320
Bank Piraeus 19.3730 19.5420
Suez Canal Bank 19.3670 19.5420
United Bank 19.3640 19.5490
Commercial International Bank 19.3500 19,5200
Egyptian – for development – import 19.3670 19.5420
Bank Mashreq 19.3730 19.5420
Arab-International Bank 19.4010 19.5380
HSBC Bank 19.3600 19.5400
Bank Sayb 19.3900 19.5600
Bank Audi 19.3670 19.5420
National bank of Greece 19.3560 19.5310

Today's dollar price is Tuesday, April 9, 2019 in banks

The price of the dollar in Egypt, the price of the dollar in banks, the dollar on the black market and exchange rates, we present to your attendees an update of the price of the dollar during the day in Egypt, where we transfer the dollar to you today through updated tables in real time any change in the rate of the dollar during the day In Egypt, the price of the dollar in Bank of Egypt and the dollar rate in the National Bank of Egypt, the dollar today in all banks.


Like a bank Purchase price Selling price
Egypt Iran Development 17.2700 17.3700
Abu Dhabi Bank 17.2900 17.3800
Egyptian Golf Bank 17.2800 17.3800
National Bank 17.2600 17.3600
Al Baraka Bank 17.2800 17.3800
Bank of Alexandria 17.2800 17.3800
Arabian african bank 17.2700 17.3700
Central bank 17.2600 17.3900
Bank of Egypt 17.2600 17.3600
BLOM BANK EGYPT 17.2700 17.3700
Credit Agricole 17.2800 17.3800
Housing & Development Bank 17.2800 17.3800
Piraeus Bank 17.2800 17.3800
Suez Canal Bank 17.2800 17.3800
United Bank 17.2800 17.3800
Commercial International Bank 17.2600 17.3600
Egyptian development of imports 17.2800 17.3800
Mashreq Bank 17.2800 17.3800
Arab international bank 17.2700 17.3700
National bank of Greece 17.2700 17.3700
HSBC Bank 17.2800 17.3800
Bank Audi 17.2800 17.3800
SAIB Bank 17.2800 17.3800

The prices of the currencies on the black market and the exchanges from here.



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