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Crumbling is confirmed for television

Television loses its beauty. Compete with smartphones, tablets and video-on-demand programs, viewers in developed countries spend less time on the small screen, says the latest Eurodata TV Worlwide study that covers 94 countries.

Admittedly, the total listening time in the world is relatively resilient in 2018. It only decreases by 1 minute at 2:55, but this stability marks strong inequalities with increases, especially in Asia (where the listening time is still low) as well as in Africa.

Conversely, the fall is clear in many countries, illustrating the
rise of Netflix

and others. On the other side of the Atlantic, viewers watch 12 minutes less than the small screen in 2018, after a 15-minute dive in 2017. Crumbling continues and in a few years time was spent on television of more than 4 : 30 to just 4 hours in the United States.

"Today, in the United States, the prime time programs on the four main networks reach on average less than 1% of the population between 18 and 49 who are equipped with television"says Vincent Letang, expert at Magna (IPG Mediabrands).

At the same time, according to him, the young people shun live shows for hours. Witness the audience of the "Oscar" ceremony,
at the lowest level of its history

in 2018 (although it is bad
slightly raised

e in 2019).

France in sharp decline

On the old continent, the decrease is also 3 minutes in 2018 (at 3:32), after 4 minutes in 2017.

The fall of France is more remarkable, with a fall of 6 minutes (at 3:36), the largest fall since 1992, according to Publicis Media. Various professionals in particular put forward
it grace again

to further explain this disinterest
the Netflix effect


"The decline of linear television is inevitable. Especially since the arrival of new platforms, such as Disney, will expand the offer in SVoD and further develop its use», says Vincent Letang.

Long-term stability

"In North America, television is almost stable in twenty-five years and the duration is very high. And in Europe, more than twenty years, listening time is increasing», put in perspective by Frédéric Vaulpré, director of Eurodata TV Worldwide.

In addition, television continues to be supported by the "repeat" (catch-up), which represents 8% of consumption (out of 31 countries). The share has doubled in seven years in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Viewers multiply the access routes to content, for example on mobile. However, the research only takes into account the TV and integrates the repetition. For instance "In France, it is estimated that use outdoors and on computers, smartphones and tablets takes approximately 10 minutes", says the Eurodata specialist.


Television channels try to adjust. "They make their own non-linear services such as Hulu

or Salto [la future plate-forme de France Télévisions, TF1 et M6, NDLR]

and multiply innovations. But it is true that in the first place the chains have an interest in keeping their antennas strong because they make better money », says Bertrand Villegas, from The Wit's office.

"The replay certainly delivers less in terms of advertising revenue than the live advertisement, but because it drains an additional audience, the channel ultimately wins", notes Philippe Nouchi, at Publicis Media.

VIDEO. Television: Big Bang in the father's model


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