Co-founder wants to buy the company back from Deutsche Post


Loading of street scooter fleet. (Image: Deutsche Post)

Apparently Deutsche Post does not want to remain a permanent car manufacturer. The electric car & # 39; s entrepreneur and co-founder Günther shoe should have shown interest in buying back street scooters.

Magazin manager reported on Thursday that insiders claimed that the Aachen-based entrepreneur Günther Schuh had expressed an interest in Deutsche Post DHL subsidiary Streetscooter. Schuh and his industrial partners would have offered 300 million euros as a purchase price. According to Manager Magazin, Post CEO Frank Appel has stated that the logistics group does not want to be a car manufacturer in the long term.

E-mobility with college background

Together with his university colleague Achim Kampker, Günther Schuh Streetscooter was initially founded in 2010 as a private research initiative. Streetscooter then became a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group in 2014. Until recently, Kampker remained the director of Streetscooter, Schuh devoted himself to a new project and founded the e-vehicle manufacturer Ego Mobile in 2015. The delivery of his small car Ego Life started this month.

According to its own data, Streetscooter has sold more than 10,000 vehicles and is the market leader for light electric commercial vehicles in Germany. Last year, Streetscooter received a large volume license and opened one in Düren alongside its branch in Aachen. 8,000 street scooters are in use at Deutsche Post and electric vans are also sold to third parties.

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