Home business Cho Yang Ho: The boss of Korean Air is dead

Cho Yang Ho: The boss of Korean Air is dead

The Korean Air president, Cho Yang Ho, is dead. That's what the South Korean airline said. The 70-year-old entrepreneur was & # 39; peaceful & # 39; fell asleep because of the effects of a lung disease in a clinic in Los Angeles.

Cho was also chairman of the parent company Hanjin-Group of Korean Air. He was tried for alleged unfaithfulness and illegal activities.

After a series of scandals surrounding his family and growing shareholder confidence in his leadership, Cho lost his position on the board of Korean Air at the end of last month. However, he remained the boss of the largest South Korean airline.

Korean Air now recognized Cho as an "aviation pioneer". Under his direction, the airline is a & # 39; global power & # 39; in industry. A successor had not yet been appointed.

Cho Hyun Ah and the "nut store"

Cho & 39 oudste 39; s oldest daughter, who was also the manager of the family business, had caused a major scandal about five years ago: Cho Hyun Ah had become angry about the way Korean Air Nuts served her on an airplane. As a result of a dispute, the aircraft was pulled off the runway at a New York airport back to the gate. Cho was sentenced in February 2015 to one year in prison for jeopardizing aviation security. Later she received a suspended sentence in a higher appeal procedure.


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