Called the most important "sores" used Renault Sandero


The blogger decided to identify the main drawbacks of the popular French cars.

The driver explained on his channel "Avtoproblemy" that Renault Sandero is a car of the kind that is said to be "cheap and angry". The low price and the high-quality European assembly provided a high popularity for this car, but now, when we talk about the first generation of the model, the demand for it has really dropped a lot.

At the same time, the secondary market is full of good offers for the sale of a used Renault Sandero for an attractive price, and the only reason why this car is very rarely bought is the expert's name, a few "sores" that are not so easy to get rid of can be done.

Under the hood, the Renault Sandero installed a 1.4-liter engine on a modest 75 "horses", as well as an 8-valve 1.6 for 89 "mares" and a 16-valve for 106 hp. In more rare cases, you can find Sandero with diesel engines, who are known for their reliability, but in Russia the atmosphere is much more widespread.

At the same time there are in principle no special claims regarding the Renault Sandero engine line – you only need to change the oil every 10-12 thousand km, as well as the timing belt with pump – every 60,000 km. The biggest problem, however, lies in the fact that a 75-horsepower engine of such a machine is clearly not enough, so that the owners have to artificially "twist" the power, which leads to very fast wear, which cannot be avoided.

When we talk about the 16-valve engine, this gives good dynamics, but the maintenance is expensive and "difficult", and therefore the choice of engine in a used Renault Sandero is an extremely difficult task. Another "sore" is faulty electronics, which most owners of the "Frenchman" complain about. In general, the driver believes that this car is reliable and not bad, as for such money, but it is a problem because it has stopped buying so often.

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