Shortly after announcing that Cadillac would be the brand responsible for managing the electrical efforts of the General Motors group, the North American company has unveiled the first details of its first fully electric model.

The vehicle, unveiled at the North American International Auto Show (Detroit), lacks name, price and technical features. However, the images published by Cadillac they show an SUV-like car that would compete in the same market segment as the Tesla Model X.

The new vehicle will be built on the platform "BEV3", developed by General Motors, and which will also serve as the basis for other electric Cadillac models. The greatest virtue is flexibility, allowing the company to respond quickly to consumer preferences with relatively low design and development time.

"Cadillac's electric vehicle will be the heart of the market crossover and will meet the needs of customers around the world, "he said. Steve Carlisle, president of Cadillac. "It represents luxury and innovation, while Cadillac is positioned as the top of mobility," he continued.

The president of Cadillac, according to Bloomberg, said that ** the new model will have a sales price comparable to equivalent petrol vehicles (from $ 50,000). If this is materialized, the first "EV" of Cadillac would be considerably cheaper than Tesla's Model X.