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Bonus-malus with fixed-term contracts: that's how it could look like

The government would argue for a sharp change in the premiums for unemployment insurance, according to the CPME. Employers are still opposed to this measure, while negotiations on unemployment insurance have not yet started.

This is one of the most important areas of tension for employers: the bonus-malus on short contracts (for a limited period, temporarily …). If it is not mentioned directly in the letter sent by the government to the social partners at the end of September, as part of the negotiations on unemployment insurance, Muriel Pénicaud, the Minister of Labor reconfirmed, Tuesday 9 October, his wish to to penalize the "abuse of short contracts". Moreover, according to the Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (CPME), the government would already have a clear plan in mind: the unemployment insurance contributions vary from 0.75% to 7%, compared with 4.05% at present (except for usual CDD & # 39; s), depending on the proportion of short contracts.

"This bonus-malus project would take account of all violations of employment contracts (for a definite period of time, permanently, temporarily …) that give rise to registration at a labor office," said Jean-Michel Pottier, who was in charge of the negotiations. . on unemployment insurance for the CPME, held at a press conference held on Wednesday 10 October. The company would see the number of interruptions in the employment contracts reported to the number of employees, so that the next year a Custom contribution can be submitted Very small companies (TPE), ie companies with less than 10 employees, would not be affected by the measure .

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If the bonus-malus was introduced, "40% of the companies would be the maximum bonus and 30% maximum fine," says Jean-Michel Pottier, according to government estimates. Eventually, a significant number of companies could win. Nevertheless, this device is probably "a gas plant", says François Asselin, president of the CPME. A first informal meeting of the social partners is planned for the next 24 in Unedic, but according to the CPME negotiator, the government will not approve any agreement on unemployment insurance if it does not mention the bonus-malus.

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