Black Hawk issues voluntary withdrawal of pet food in Australia

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Australian pet owners are advised to check their pet food after a popular brand has issued a voluntary recall of their products, which may contain mold.

Black Hawk issued an immediate recall of five different varieties of dog and puppy food after discovering a problem with specific batches manufactured last year.

In an updated statement online today, the company added more lots to its long list of products that include:

* Black Hawk Adult Chicken and Rice Food for dogs (3 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg)

* Black Hawk dog food for lamb and rice for adults (3 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg)

* Black Hawk Adult Fish and Potato Dog Food (3 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg)

* Dog food Black Hawk Adult Large Breed Chicken and Rice Dog (only 20 kg)

* Black Hawk Puppy Large Breed Chicken and Rice (only 20 kg)

The products have an expiration date that ranges from February 2, 2021 and June 4, 2021.

Pet owners are encouraged to verify their expiration dates on dog food that can be found on the back of the bag toward the center, stamped horizontally in black, near the list of ingredients.

half_cameraBlack Hawk dog food that has been recalled. Image: supplied


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“If your product matches the disclosed product and is better before the dates, stop giving it to your pet immediately,” the statement said.

“Return the product to its place of purchase, where your retailer will provide you with a replacement food bag.”

He also said: “… if the product is affected, mold is very obvious to consumers.”

The Australian Pet Products website also published a statement on its website of the Black Hawk parent company, MasterPet, which said: “Our supplier partner has informed us that during its manufacturing process there have been non-conforming products that They are out of our manufacturing specifications.

“This decomposition in the process allowed for a higher humidity level than normal in the final croquette and after the product has been packaged, this has allowed mold to develop in some bags.”

The company stated that it had no reports of disease in any animal so far.

Its products are manufactured in regional New South Wales.

The recall comes after the Australian-made brand was forced to take their Salmon Free Grain dog food bags off the shelves after it caused pets to suffer bloody diarrhea in 2018.

Anyone who has questions is urged to contact the Black Hawk customer service team directly at 1300 654 279 or [email protected]


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