Bentley changes into a tank (video)



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The automotive mechanics of St. Petersburg turned the Bentley Continental GT sports coupe GT into a refined Ultratank monster.

A video appeared to test the first online car.

After working in the garage of a British sports car for six months, only one remains – the outer structure and even this has changed – and the salon. The W12 engine with 600 hp was replaced by a simpler and more efficient engine, with many Russian objects instead of English.

Like the BMW-3 steering wheel, the steering wheel is bent at a slight angle. The undercarriage looked like light tanks, no brakes, and the test showed good off-road performance, and it was determined to overcome a two-meter obstacle from the first attempt.

The aim of the project is to make the Ultratank in a working condition and to have the car speed up to 100 kilometers per hour. So far, 50 kilometers, according to Rosicekaya Gazeta ..