Australian man died of meningitis on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Brisbane

Tanya Woodgate with her husband Christopher, who died on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Brisbane on January 11, 2020. [PNG Merlin Archive]


A man who died Saturday in front of his family on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Brisbane, Australia, boarded the sick plane, according to a media report.

Tanya Woodgate told Daily Mail Australia that her husband (Christopher Woodgate, 38) had a non-contagious form of meningitis that led to his death aboard Air Canada flight AC035.

According to Air Canada, the flight was diverted to Honolulu at approximately 9:20 a.m. January 11 “as a result of a medical emergency.”

Woodgate was traveling with his wife and three young children, as well as with another family member with two children.

Woodgate was ill when he boarded the plane and collapsed during the flight.

Usually, the symptoms of non-contagious meningitis are headache, stiff neck and often fever. It can be treated with antibiotics.

The airline said there were 257 customers and 13 crew on board and that passengers received hotel vouchers and food on a flight leaving Honolulu to Brisbane on Monday morning.

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