Apple would work on its own bank card, perfectly integrated with the iPhone


To continue its development, Apple would work with the investment bank Goldman Sachs to bring a bank card stamped Apple to the market by the end of the year.

Apple would continue its momentum in marketing services. According to the Wall Street Journal, reported by Engadget, Apple and the investment bank Goldman Sachs would work together to sell a physical bank card by the end of the year. The first stages of testing, reserved for employees, should start in the coming weeks.

Apple would rely on the Marcus service, an online bank of the Goldman Sachs group. This platform now offers its users no card, but loans and savings accounts. The result of this collaboration would enable Apple to release its own payment service. For Goldman Sachs, we imagine that the interest lies in the influence of Apple, so that this bank can offer its services to a wider audience. A project that would cost Goldman Sachs: nearly $ 200 million to strengthen customer service and create the internal payment system.

This credit card would of course be compatible with Apple Pay and Wallet services, to virtually store and pay for your cards on your phone. Engagdet even suggests that the mobile graphical interface of this bank would look like what has already been done on the Health application. These are circles that show the distribution of your expenses over a period according to certain categories (energy, food, leisure, etc.).

We also learn that the bank card from Apple could accumulate cashback : if you purchase a merchant partner, 2% of the amount will be deducted and credited to your account. a cashback which would also work on Apple products, allowing customers to equip themselves with Apple devices.

Towards an Apple service?

With disappointing iPhone sales according to Tim Cook, the company Cupertino seems to be looking for new forms of revenue, especially in services. For several months there have been many rumors about a paid subscription to the Apple News service and a video on demand service. made in Apple. Some of his rumors should be clarified at the next Apple conference on 27 March.

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