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Apple: the US company recently signed a check for 500 million euros in debt to France – Hitek.fr

The French tax authorities realized that the American company was going through various excuses and tax optimization to pay as little tax in France as possible. For example, the turnover of Apple France was ridiculous, while it made huge profits in Europe. Bercy did not let go of the case managed to negotiate 10 years of debt, or 500 million euros.

A nice and big check

Last December, Apple and Bercy reached agreement to allow the French tax authorities to reclaim the money that the US company owes. Nevertheless, the sum was not given since confidential, but a source close to the file to confirm the 500 million euros before it is passed on by Agence France Presse. On the side of Apple, the company said that the French tax authorities have completed its control over several years of its accounts to adjust what it needs and that everything will be communicated in public. In addition, she insists on understanding the purpose of taxes in countries and pays them in all countries where she works according to local law. To finish, Apple says it is proud to contribute to the French economy thanks to the income and taxes paid.

As regards the Directorate-General for Public Finances (DGFIP), she did not want to deepen this issue further by calling for a tax confidentiality clause.

GAFA on the firing line

The giants of the web, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, will have to put their hands in the pocket, because since January 1 this year, France will tax more of these companies without waiting for the opinion of its European neighbors or even a decision by the European Commission. The Minister of Economic Affairs, Bruno Le Maire, estimated that this increase would result in an extra 500 million euros by taxing advertising income and reselling personal data.

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