Amazon lifts FedEx Ground restriction for third-party Prime shipments


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Amazon’s temporary ban on FedEx Ground shipments to outside vendors has ended, the e-commerce titan said.

With FedEx Ground and Home now meeting the delivery requirements on time, Ground’s service for Amazon Prime shipments met by the seller resumed on Tuesday, Amazon said.

The reintroduction of FedEx Ground comes almost a month after Amazon said it would. Restrict sellers from using it to ensure that customers receive their orders on time during the high season of holiday shipments.

On Tuesday, FedEx said the Amazon move was “good news for our mutual customers who have come to rely on the FedEx Ground offer.”

More than half of the items sold on Amazon come from outside vendors, who publish their products for sale in the Amazon online marketplace.

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FedEx said in December that the decision affected “a very small number of senders” but limited options for companies that sell products through Amazon. FedEx Ground remained an option for standard shipments and third-party providers could still use FedEx Express for Prime shipments.

Still, Amazon’s action added another wrinkle to its fight with the Memphis logistics giant. FedEx finalized its Express and Ground contracts with Amazon last year, while Amazon It has been better equipped to handle much of its own volume.


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