Aer Lingus announced its new cabin crew uniform and is elegant

The cabin crew is so glamorous, isn’t it? Well, they will be even more after Aer Lingus announced its brand-new cabin crew uniform.

Earlier today, I was able to go to an ultra fabulous exhibition of the new uniform, and it was all the glamor we love about air travel, and something else.

Aer Lingus cabin crew made the revelation by strutting their stuff down the track (pun intended) in front of an anxious audience.

Today we saw the first change in Aer Lingus uniform in 22 years, introducing a Kenmare Green tone, as well as a Midnight marina. The new edition was designed by the incredibly talented and renowned Irish fashion designer Louise Kennedy, who also designed the uniforms in 1998.

And it is safe to say that the uniforms reflect what Aer Lingus has become today: an elegant and modern international airline with a proud Irish heritage.

Speaking about the new design, Louise said: “The airline’s report was very clear and we are confident that we could offer a modern and elegant capsule collection that would last for several years. The results reflect a broad commitment and contributions from the ground and the cabin crew members. “

She added: “It is important to note that, in the last two years, we had the constant support of Aer Lingus to remain faithful to our designs that allowed for more uniform options and the use of innovative fabrics.”

The new uniform is the result of two years of work in which Louise got involved with Aer Lingus staff and conducted an external investigation in the fashion capitals of the world, London, New York and Paris.

All the materials used for the new cabin crew uniform have been of ethical origin to ensure that the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

Is Lingus new cabin crew uniform?

Aer Lingus has made a great trip over the years, becoming the only four-star airline in Ireland with 16 direct routes to North America and more than 70 European routes.

The airline is also reaching the end of its January offer, offering discounted flights in super sunny destinations such as Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Sicily, Sardinia, Barcelona, ​​Rome and much more.

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