A luxury car .. and a failed deal!


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In a strange and unexpected surprise .. The failure of the global alliance between Fiat Chrysler Automobil FCA ».. With the Renault Group, which started "at the negotiating table" last week with an amount of 33 billion euros … in one of the most expensive and prominent alliances in the field of cars worldwide.!

«A mysterious statement »issued this week from the city of" Turin "Italian – the headquarters of a company BFO Announced the immediate and definitive withdrawal from negotiations to complete the deal .. and stop fully thinking .. He pointed out that the political conditions in Paris – the Renault headquarters – are not achieving the desired success of this alliance !

In a "very fast" response from the French government, it also confirmed the termination of negotiations and satisfaction with the move!

It seems that the current turmoil in France has made it very difficult to complete a global deal of this magnitude … because the opposition would have increased against French President Emmanuel Macaron … especially because there is an alliance item – what is not excluded – Be President FCA –John Alcan – himself the next president of the two companies after the merger. This would undoubtedly have a major impact on French employment. Perhaps the "Talina" will control the situation more and increase the number of the two companies. At the expense of the French rate!

In general all parties went out to proclaim their great consolation after the failure of the "deal of the century" in the field of cars .. That is strange to me and very strange .. The pinnacle of contradictions and differences in views and views .. From the highest optimism and joy and happiness with the idea and items of the alliance .. Ten days ago .. to complete comfort and a broad smile and calm after the complete failure of the deal .. it fell and ended – according to a company statement FCA The civil servant – with a record speed … Nobody imagined that!

A final surprise for the deal. "On Tuesday morning, Reuters quoted another statement from Elizabeth Burne, the French transport minister." I think negotiating a deal FCA Renault has not yet been completed»! ..

The coming weeks and days will reveal the reality of this "fantastic" deal, in which politics seems to play an important role "FCA" Very fast target to print on the French side?!


A new model called "Absolute luxury" .. Join our local market this week .. A model "CLS" From Mercedes-Benz, which the company is announcing for the first time in our country through the extension of the "Al-Masry Al-Youm" car to the "first look" of this luxury model for our excellent reader.

It is a dazzling car in the sense of the word .. Design, engine, performance, form, possibilities and specifications. All the things that are worth searching and following up and discussing in detail...

If you are a fan of the prestigious German "Silver Mark", or if you are looking for a luxury car that makes your dreams come true, or if you are a fan of cars in general, regardless of purchasing power, I need today to follow the details and photos of this new car. On the & # 39; s pages of the expansion of cars & # 39; s in Egypt today.


Thousands of our «students» students are currently undergoing the final exams at the various stages of the school .. With our wishes for all the success and excellence.

But a question always fools me, I don't understand it or don't understand it. "Why do some" people "accompany their children to the examination centers? They stand for long hours in front of the examination committees waiting for their task.!

I understand that this happens with a "small child" of 10 or 11 or even 13 years old. Either to be "Raghel Bshnabat" and the tests with the "Mommy and Daddy". This is weird and strange .. At least for me … and not at all justified .. Why are you standing in front of the examination boards in the "Free Ezz"? .. What is the advocate of this bustle and this «vacation» … Just until you know your son «work there» in the answer sheet .. possible One phone call «on mobile» after the exams, All this trouble, torment, sweat and tension!


I cannot find any justification for paying attention to the denial of what was in an article published in a newspaper "Foreign policy" For the Egyptian economy and the future of the country .. for a very simple reason .. is that the article written by the former Investment Minister under the reign of terrorist Mohamed Morsi .. The background of his economic "sovereignty" is no more than the head of the sales of mobile lines «Vodavon» .. This was his real .. When this person writes an article … it will certainly combine the hatred of the country and the hatred of his people .. In contrast to the extreme surface and superficiality of thought and logic because it is originally intellectually and culturally trained and trained to give advice or write ideas!


As a result of the terrible heat waves that we now introduce every few days. Spread some tips from people to car owners on Facebook to avoid the danger of high temperatures. Although these tips are "very old" and have heard 100 times .. But a few important ones I will give it back to the people for the hundredth time..

"Cigarette lighter" should never be left in the car because it just explodes due to the heat of the atmosphere, as well as soda cans, alcans, perfume bottles and batteries. «Vape» modern.

A small part of the car windows must be opened.

Do not completely fill the car's fuel tank.

Do not fill the tires considerably, especially when driving .. and follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer .. It is preferable to travel after 3 pm to prevent the sun from burning on all parts of the car...