2020 Volkswagen Tiguan cosmetic surgery seen


It seems that Crossover will win a more dynamic face as part of his half-life update.

A renewed Volkswagen Tiguan It has been spied on during a photo shoot, and it seems that it will be released in the not too distant future.

This photo was published by Coche Spias on Instagram and, despite the low resolution of the image, we can see that the updated Tiguan will have a significantly revised front.

The new thinner headlights have square LED rings around the main and high beam units. The smaller size of the headlight housing, as well as its stepped design and the retracted upper corner, should give the revised Tiguan a more dynamic look.

There is also a redesigned bumper with a thin metal arch that defines the limit of the fog light enclosure. Although it is not visible, it is probably safe to say that there will be a new grille and the redesigned Volkswagen logo.

Above: The current Tiguan.

Although we can’t see the back of this car, the Tiguan face lift will probably also have redesigned tail lights.

We also expect that there are prominent “Tiguan” letters along the central column of the tailgate, since this configuration is now present in everything from the new 8th generation Golf to the revised Passat.

Under the hood, the Tiguan can get some new Golf transmission trains, with 48V soft hybrids a great possibility for the European market.

If we had to place bets, additional security features and updates to the infotainment system seem to be sure of fire bets.


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