20 minutes – Lotus surprises with 2000 hp in a new era


The name still causes a tingling sensation, but Lotus has struggled economically for years. Geely must provide fresh air: the Chinese, who have already had Volvo renovated, electrified the London taxi and have taken half of Smart and the responsibility for the future of Bonsai-Benz, want Lotus to enter a new era.

In any case, Geely & # 39; s first service in Hethel gives him courage. Because to mark the departure, there is now a completely new car. Although this is only built in a small series of up to 130 copies and production only starts next year, but if the practice is only a fraction of what the theory promises, the new Evija is worth the wait.

The ambition: to build the strongest production car in the world

Thanks to four electric motors, which together deliver 2000 hp, the Evija should become the strongest production car in the world. The performance is equally impressive: the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in less than three seconds is already spectacular, but that from 100 to 200 is also only three and only in another four seconds to 300, is unmatched so far.

The batteries (70 kWh) must guarantee a range of up to 400 kilometers and are already designed for a load capacity of 800 kW. If supported by a charging station until market launch, a full pit stop would only take nine minutes. With a load of 350 kW, 80 percent can be achieved after at least 12 minutes. The price of around € 2.25 million is also super – it would have been some time ago to buy the entire company.

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