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14 amazing deals to get now


This sale at Anthropologie can help you splurge without overdoing it too much. (Photo: Anthropologie)

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I have a rule about buying at Anthropologie: only buy things when they are on sale. While I adore her peculiar clothes and her boho-chic style, I simply cannot pay most of the items in my budget, which makes me expect a sale on the entire site or the items in my cart to finally reach the section of sale. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long because Anthropologie is having a mass sale at the moment.

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At this time, Anthropologie offers up to 50% discount on hundreds of its most popular styles for only 24 hours. These are some of the lowest prices I’ve seen in full-price items, so it’s best to take advantage of these discounts while you can. This sale is exclusive online, which means that you cannot literally get these offers in the store. To help you, we reduced 14 of the best-rated items that appear in the sale. Hurry up! Time flies!

1. A statement hat with a small country touch

The country meets elegance, doesn’t it? (Photo: Anthropologie)

This hat adds a southern touch to your look without shouting “Yeehaw”. With a rancher style, it will add an important statement to whatever you’re using, whether you’re lying by the pool or preparing things for Sunday brunch. . With this sale price, it is almost too tempting not to buy.

Get the Cusco Rancher Hat for $ 34.80 (Save $ 23.20)

2. These awesome boots that will make you stand out from the crowd

These boots refuse to be left behind in the shadows. (Photo: Anthropologie)

These microsuede boots immediately attract attention. You can hook them in muted tones like khaki, but the real styles that stand out here: the cedar boots with tiger print and, my personal favorite, the boots with neutral motifs, are incredibly elegant. They are also the type of boots that add a little something extra to your outfit, even if you wear something that is otherwise quite discreet.

Get Silent D Careful elastic boots for $ 96.60 (Save $ 41.40)

3. An iconic monogram necklace

Shine showing a piece of his nickname. (Photo: Anthropologie)

This necklace is a little more unique than its traditional monogram. The large pendant with letter hangs to the side, making an important statement while showing its nickname. It is simple enough to combine with other gold necklaces and could become your favorite necklace in the coming years.

Get the monogrammed necklace for $ 26.60 (Save $ 11.40)

4. The last cozy cardigan

Live Danish life with this large cardi. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Everyone is adopting the Danish hygiene trend, and this cardigan is a one-stop shop for the cozy lifestyle. It is basically a large blanket that is ideal for use in particularly cold spaces such as your office. In addition, it comes in a ton of colors so you can “become hygienic” regardless of your style.

Get the Hygge Cardigan for $ 118.80 (Save $ 79.20)

5. A cascading knit tunic

Turned neck and swollen sleeves? Yes please. (Photo: Anthropologie)

If casual and cozy is the name of the game, then this robe is a clear winner. It is easy to put on your favorite pair of jeans and its swollen sleeves and turtleneck add an extra comfortable atmosphere. You can also wear things with patterned pants or knee-high boots, so it is a very versatile piece.

Get the Paloma knit tunic for $ 68.60 (Save $ 29.40)

6. These tight corduroy pants that critics are obsessed with

These vibrant corduroy pants are the perfect way to get started in the new year. (Photo: Anthropologie)

The corduroy is back in fashion and makes my comfort-loving heart scream with joy. But these high-rise corduroy pants that you can get at Anthro for sale today? They are in a completely different stadium. With more than 130 bright comments on the site, these pants apparently fit like a dream. Even better? They come in a variety of super cute styles, including Autumn Floral (the big one featured in my book), so you can combine style and comfort beautifully here.

Get Pilcro high-rise skinny pants for $ 79.95 (Save $ 30.05)

7. These snake skin boots up to the knee for a style statement

You’ll want to jump into the trend of snake skin. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Snakeskin is having a moment right now, and these boots are the perfect way to add it to your wardrobe. They are absolutely beautiful, very fashionable, and they come in two neutral tones, so they are the right amount of flashy without being too overwhelming. With a conical block heel, leather insole and rounded toe, they should not be too difficult to walk either.

Get Matiko Alma high boots for $ 135.80 (Save $ 58.20)

8. A padded coat that you want to wear all winter

Take your winter gear to a higher level. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Add some dynamism to your traditional winter jacket. This olive green coat has a striking padded design and accented with touches of military green. According to the reviewers, it is super soft and, although it is a lighter coat, you will definitely want to have it for the colder days. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sneak into this during that weird and intermediate weather?

Get the padded jacket with lining for $ 124.60 (Save $ 53.40)

9. These flared pants that will make you feel like you’re in a nightclub

Bold, dramatic and perfectly nostalgic. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Finally, everything comes back in style, right? The same is true for mega flares like these Zinnia pants, in which you can save $ 52 if you take them today at Anthro. Made of polyester (naturally), these tulip hem flares can help you bring Studio 54 vibes in and out of the office and make a great impression when you do.

Get Zinnia Flared Pants for $ 78 (Save $ 52)

10. Elegant moccasins for work and play.

These shoes can go from day to night. (Photo: Anthropologie)

A traditional moccasin is essential for the workplace, and what better time to buy them than when they are on sale? The crocodile details on the brown loafers add a subtle touch and could easily work for a day-to-night look. The reviewers also warn that they are a bit narrow, so you may want to evaluate the size.

Get the Harlow loafers for $ 91 (Save $ 39)

11. A sweater dress that everyone needs

A simple simulated neck sweater dress is always in fashion. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Everyone should have at least one IMO sweater dress, and this simple one will work in the rotation of most people. It is not too bulky and should be long enough that you do not freeze, as long as you stop it with some thigh boots. With balloon sleeves and a mini silhouette, you will feel elegant and comfortable.

Get the Alder simulated neck sweater dress for $ 79.95 (Save $ 40.05)

12. A bold skirt that will attract attention.

Wearing this skirt is like wearing art. (Photo: Anthropologie)

This midi skirt embodies everything about Anthropologie. It is bold and peculiar, but it can be balanced with some neutral pieces that make it a bit more appropriate for the office. Honestly, the choices of abstract patterns are a work of art and should be used as such. This thing is just asking for compliments.

Get the Corey Lynn Calter Abstract Bias midi skirt for $ 96 (Save $ 64)

13. A simple cardigan to throw everything

The only card you will need. (Photo: Anthropologie)

We all need that cardigan that works with whatever you wear, and Jolie Cardigan fits perfectly. You can throw it over a button, a dress, a printed T-shirt and even another sweater to add an extra layer of warmth. It is highly qualified and is for sale at this time, so you will not regret this purchase.

Get the Jolie cardigan for $ 79.95 (Save $ 50.05)

14. These tapered pants so elegant that they are really “in” right now

These pants with buttons are the ultimate in elegance in the workplace. (Photo: Anthropologie)

The first thing you will probably notice about these pants, in addition to their color, since you can get them in holly, black, iris blue and wine, is how crispy they are. If you are looking to complete #girlboss, these pants are the ones that you should do, since they can definitely take your profesh office clothes set to the next level very efficiently. His funny choice of shades keeps these pants, which come with a fly button, looking very funny too.

Get Sasha Button-Fly Conical Pants for $ 78 (Save $ 20)

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