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What opportunities are there for training or further education in Switzerland in Business Consulting?

There are many excellent and generally recognized universities in Switzerland where the relevant know-how can be acquired. There are many universities that offer courses in economics. There are also business schools and many state-recognized courses. Thus, many different courses can lead to the goal of becoming a business consultant with profound knowledge. Training or further education in the field of business consulting is possible in many ways.

For whom is an apprenticeship or further training in business consulting suitable?

In principle, any interested person who has a talent in the field of corporate management can educate themselves and continue their education. As a business consultant, you can convince management with excellent advice on optimization and help effectively to overcome crises in the company. During the course, valuable content is conveyed with economic expertise. You will gain knowledge in the areas of marketing, investment, financing and also in the area of ​​controlling. As a business consultant, you are very well paid and the course is internationally oriented. If you want to study business consulting, you are investing in a career with a future. Business consultants are in demand in many areas. The field of work is exciting and very varied. The area of ​​responsibility includes the analysis of errors, problems and business processes. Creative ideas and solutions can be developed. Solutions are initiated. Finally, the new results can be evaluated. They provide first-hand business advice. The business consultant analyzes the company’s problems and develops practical solutions depending on the requirements. There are a variety of training paths for a business consultant. However, a prerequisite is a completed bachelor’s or master’s degree in this field.

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Is there anything else to consider?

As a business consultant, you have to be able to deal with stress. Often one has to deal with problems that urgently need to be solved. Working hours can often be very long. Strong communication skills are expected and at the same time assertiveness is required. In addition to personal interests and inclinations, professional qualifications also play a major role. A business consultant ideally has experience abroad. In addition, the person should have experience in marketing, personnel management and controlling. You should also be able to show proof of an economics degree. Depending on the environment, business fluent English skills are also important.

If you can demonstrate the prerequisites for business consulting, then the path to a real dream job is open to you.

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