Bunbury just unveiled his five concerts for 2024

Bunbury has reported on the day of the release of his reference ‘Greta Garbo’ of his only five presentations for next year.

‘Greta Garbo’, Enrique Bunbury’s new album, has seen the light today. You can listen to it under these paragraphs. It is a nod to the soul of the 70s recorded analogically. Produced by Adán Jodorowsky, he shaped the creature from El Desierto Casa Estudioon the outskirts of Mexico City.

Although the artist from Zaragoza had announced that this Monday he would announce the album presentation concerts, it was just now when has advanced the five live shows that will take place in 2024. He still needs to report on many others that, he assures, he will offer this year.

Dates and places

They are not exactly going to be debuts of the new material, since the setlists will have pieces from different eras, but also from this one. Always in the month of June, even without anything going on sale, one of the dates falls in Spain, specifically in Madrid on the 29th. Its price will start at 55 euros. Mexico will have two appointmentsone in Mexico City on the 8th, with which this mini-tour will open, and another in Guadalajara on the 12th. Double also for the United States: Los Angeles on the 15th and New York on the 18th.

optimistic news

It is good news since only a year ago, the musician announced that “it is impossible for me to do more concerts”. He had to make the difficult decision to leave the stage indefinitely.. “My problems with my throat and breathing increased and returned sharply last night and what I thought was going to be controlled is totally out of my hands and desires.” Once the problem is located, it returns, although without forcing the machine.

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