Bunbury anticipates that he will give only five concerts this year, six in 2024 but there will be no shows in 2025

He anticipates that his next album will be presented with “specific concerts” and that a “grand tour” is not in his plans.


Enrique Bunbury has announced that he will give only five concerts this year, another six in 2024 and that in 2025 there will be no shows. Of course, the artist, although he is more a participant in “one-off concerts” and not always in massive shows, will perform this year at the Forum in Los Angeles and Madison Square in New York, venues where he will debut for the first time. .

“I’m going to do five concerts this year and six concerts next year. It’s not much, but at the same time it’s something exciting and, well (…) I want them to be exceptional concerts, I want them to be special concerts,” he said. the artist via Zoom in an appearance this Thursday.

Thus, the Aragonese has made it clear that at all times he had considered the possibility of playing in his hometown on this small concert tour, so on July 6, 2024 the artist will be at the La Romareda stadium.

“There was an intention to play in Zaragoza from the beginning, the problem was the works at La Romareda,” he explained, emphasizing that something has been achieved that was initially ruled out due to the difficulties of remodeling the stadium.

The former vocalist of HĂ©roes del Silencio has also detailed that in his concerts he will have customized smoke cannons that do not contain glycol, a chemical substance that made Bunbury stay away from the stage for a time as it caused problems in his voice.

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Asked about a possible massive tour with his next album, Bunbury stressed that he will do some “select concerts” but is not considering a tour like the ones he has done throughout his musical career.

“Considering a tour like the ones I have done throughout my life, so extensive through so many countries, let’s say a year, a year and a half, even two years touring non-stop, is not in my plans right now. I don’t know what would have to happen for me to change my mind,” he argued.

In this sense, the singer has announced that there will be opening acts or “openers” at all the concerts and that he will announce them next October, when his video clip for ‘Greta Garbo’ is also released.

Likewise, Bunbury’s music shows will have guest artists from different countries. “There are some who have confirmed, there are others who cannot, so we are looking at all the possibilities,” she said.

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