BTS: The day V was about to pass out and Jin saved him | VIDEO

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The concerts of BTS they are a dream for their army of fans, sing their songs at the top of their lungs while lighting up the stadium with their ARMY BOMB; however, there are times when physical wear and tear takes its toll. Singing and dancing at the same time is not easy and V was about to faint.

The South Korean boyband is no stranger to large crowds, they manage to sell out around the world and stand in front of thousands of people to infect them with their energy and make them dance with their songs, and although they are in good physical condition, many times the effort is enormous.

Idols have very strict training, plus practicing while still studying, they have to spend hours in rehearsal rooms to get a spot in a new K-pop group and make their debut.

V almost fainted and Jin saves him

During one of the presentations of BTS While promoting “DNA” on Inkigayo, the boys gave a great performance, as the broadcast was a kind of mini concert. However, the choreography is somewhat demanding so their energy runs out and they go to great lengths to stay on stage.

But at the end of the song Taehyung looked really exhausted, taking big breaths to catch his breath, while doing a formation, his partner Jin he notices and decides to hold him from behind to give him some support and balance.

Some ARMY they worried and admitted that V he looked very tired and they think he was reeling before he Jin hold it.

However, Taehyung was not the only one who suffered from physical exhaustion, in the same video the fatigue of Namjoon, but Jin he was alert at all times to assist his companions.

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Without a doubt, BTS’s companionship has been vital to their friendship and teamwork, despite having different personalities, they have managed to get along to become the group. K-pop most famous in the world.

On previous occasions, ARMY has denounced BigHit that they reduce the idols’ schedule, as it is sometimes very demanding, between trips, concert after concert, recordings, in addition to their time in the studio and rehearsals.



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