Broccoli couscous salad. Healthy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

In addition to being healthy (and delicious), broccoli is extremely versatile, so there are no excuses to accuse it of being monotonous or boring. When you already crave fresher and lighter dishes, an interesting and attractive way to prepare it is by turning it into a kind of green couscous, to eat as a salad cold or warm, a single dish, starter or garnish.

As we have already explained in the redstart recipe, to obtain its grainy texture we only have to crush the foils in a food processor, robot, or blender, or use a large grater or good large-bladed knife. Broccoli is even more convenient to work with because its buds separate more easily and without creating as much mess as cauliflower, and the logs can be used in other recipes.

Although it can be taken raw, we prefer to briefly sauté the “couscous” on an aromatic base of ginger, garlic and golden spices with a little oil. Then you just have to season it to taste and add all the ingredients that we want, to add flavor, nutrients and different textures. If we are going to take it as a single or main dish, it is always advisable to add a good source of quality protein.

Cut the broccoli florets, separating the trunk and part of the thicker stems (reserve for another recipe). Wash, drain and grind the chop until leaving a texture like fine couscous. Wash, dry and chop the parsley. Cook the eggs in boiling water for about 10 minutes and cool.

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Peel the ginger and the garlic clove. Grate both or chop them finely, and heat in a large frying pan with a little oil, adding cumin seeds and mustard seeds to taste. Let them release their aromas and add the broccoli, stirring well. Salt and pepper.

Cuscus Broccoli Pasos

Skip the set to stronger fire a few minutes, stirring constantly so that the broccoli cooks a little, but without losing texture. Add fine lemon zest and transfer to a salad bowl.

Wash, dry and laminate or cut the radishes into half moons. Chop the olives, pitting them, and add both ingredients with the chopped parsley to the couscous. Peel the cooled eggs and cut to taste.

Season the broccoli with olive oil to taste and season. Garnish with flaked brewer’s yeast if desired, and add toasted sesame seeds. To serve warm or cold, with the egg or more ingredients to taste.

With what to accompany broccoli couscous

As we have commented, this healthy recipe of broccoli couscous salad It is very versatile and easy to adapt to any menu according to our needs. Simply well seasoned and seasoned, it will be a wonderful garnish for grilled or baked meat or fish, sautéed tofu or sautéed legumes. As a unique dish, in addition to eggs, we can enrich it with nuts, fresh cheese, avocado, cooked chicken or turkey, prawns or prawns, tuna or salmon, toasted chickpeas, etc.

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