Broadcast and distribution will be decided in August!Metropolitan Opera 3 Diva Concert in Versailles Palace Three of the most seasonal diva from the gorgeous Palace of Versailles show off their famous arias | WOWOW Press Release

WOWOW has decided to broadcast and distribute “Metropolitan Opera 3 Diva Concert in Versailles”, a concert series started by Metropolitan Opera to deliver the singing voice of the world’s top singers.

The world’s largest opera house “Metropolitan Opera (MET)” in New York. Founded in 1883, this opera house not only fulfills the dreams of the world’s top singers, but also the stage sets and costumes are all splendid. It is also known for actively incorporating new works and new productions, embodying the ever-evolving appearance of opera and creating a new whirlwind in the opera world.

However, Korona-ka forced the opera house to close for a year and a half from March 2020, during which time, in addition to streaming past opera images free of charge every night for music fans around the world, MET started. Stars Live in Concert Series. A famous star in the opera world stands in historic buildings and scenic spots around the world such as the cathedral of England and the old castle of Norway, and tries to sing to the whole world from the spot, crossing the boundaries of opera fans and all over the world. Encouraged people.


(C) Metropolitan Opera(C) Metropolitan Opera

From the series in which the world’s top singers performed songs from an attractive location, we will deliver the co-starring of the three most seasonal diva at the royal opera theater of the palace of Versailles in France.

Introducing Isabel Leonard (mezzo-soprano), a star mezzo representing the present age, Irene Perez (soprano), who draws from opera houses around the world, and Nadine Sierra (soprano), a popular prima donna who has been singing major roles in MET in recent years. soprano). Starting with R. Strauss’s “Der Rosenkavalier”, Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro”, and Bizet’s “Carmen” arias, three divas that are indispensable to the current opera world, such as Latin masterpieces, show off their beautiful singing voices. do.

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Metropolitan Opera 3 Diva Concert in Versailles Palace August 2022 [WOWOWライブ] [WOWOWオンデマンド]

May 22, 2021 Versailles, France Royal Opera House Isabel Leonard, Eileen Perez, Nadine Sierra

August MET Special Feature: The World of Brilliant Diva Broadcast / Distribution Scheduled in August

Metropolitan Opera “Carmen” E. Garanča x R. Alanya

Metropolitan Opera “La Boheme” C. Opolais x V. Grigolo

Metropolitan Opera “Tosca” S. Yoncheva x V. Grigolo

Metropolitan Opera 3 Diva Concert in Versailles Palace

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