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The return

Her return to Quebec was in 2019. By her own admission, she had no idea of ​​the extent of the country scene in La Belle Province.

“I had no idea that country music was so important in Quebec,” she admits. When I took part in the Country Gala last year. My management team had invited me there and I saw dozens of artists there who made a living from country music. I was like ‘Hey, there is some good country here’. “

From her stay in the United States and especially in Nashville, the capital of country music, Brittany wants to bring to Quebec this conviviality and this spirit of collaboration that exists in the Nashvillesque community.

“There, everyone helps each other and wants to collaborate with other artists,” she says in excellent French. In Quebec, there is already a great community of artists who collaborate with each other and I want to add my little contribution to this team spirit. “

And this “contribution” comes down to little, she says. Initiate collaborations, foster family spirit and create a strong community. The singer-songwriter insists on this way of making music.

“My main goal when I return home to Quebec is to promote this collaboration,” she insists. Since my return, I have met extraordinary people, very talented artists who can bring me a lot of things for my career. “

And speaking of the team, Brittany Kennell is now part of The Ranch Agency which also looks after the careers of Travis Cormier, Phil G. Smith and Matt Lang, among others. Moreover, the artist from Maniwaki is full of praise for her new teammate.

“Brittany has a crazy talent. Quebec must discover what this little Montrealer can do in music, confided Matt Lang when joined by The right. Despite her age, she has a lot of experience and she comes from Nashville where new country was born. It can only enrich our own music. “

For Brittany, Lang represents the future of country in Quebec and even in Canada.

“Matt is currently the leader in country in Quebec,” she says. I did a show with him and Tebey just before the pandemic and I saw the extent of his talent and the quality of his shows. It is around him that we must build the future of country at home. “

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