Britney Spears’ attorney announces quick steps

Britney Spears’ new attorney wants to have her father’s guardianship lifted as soon as possible. He and his law firm would work “resolutely and swiftly” on an application to free Spears from the guardianship of her father Jamie, Mathew Rosengart said yesterday after a brief hearing in the Los Angeles court. He thanked the fans of the 39-year-old singer for the “overwhelming” support.

APA/AFP/Valerie Macon

Spears was temporarily forcibly admitted to a clinic in 2008 due to mental health problems. Jamie Spears took over the guardianship of his daughter and has been managing her legal and financial affairs ever since. Spears went to court last year to end her father’s guardianship. In the past week, she achieved a stage victory: the court allowed her to appoint her own lawyer.

“Abusive” Guardianship

At the end of June, the singer described her father’s guardianship as “abusive” in a highly emotional statement in court. She was “traumatized” and “depressed” that her father did not give her any freedom of choice. At the weekend she announced on the online platform that she would no longer perform live as long as her father “determines what I wear, say, do or think”.

Jamie Spears’ attorneys confirmed last week that the 69-year-old would not give up guardianship on his own. She described the singer’s allegations as far from the truth.

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