British Prime Minister Johnson has secretly married. The first photo is in the world

The wedding was so secret that even the Prime Minister’s advisers did not know about it, writes the British The Sun. According to the newspaper, the ceremony was attended by only 30 guests who received an invitation at the last minute. Currently, only 30 people in Britain can take part in wedding ceremonies due to coronavirus measures.

The report on the wedding on Sunday was confirmed by the Prime Minister’s Office. “The celebration in the circle of family and friends will take place next summer,” the office said. The celebration should take place at the end of July 2022, when the pandemic situation should allow for larger celebrations.

According to The Sun, staff at the cathedral told visitors shortly after 1:30 pm London time (2:30 pm CET) that the temple was closing. In half an hour, the limousine brought the bride, the letter describes on its website. According to him, the wedding was accompanied by extensive security measures.

From the only photo published so far, it is clear that the bride chose a more casual model: a long dress without a neckline made of a light, partially translucent white fabric is decorated with distinctly bell-shaped long sleeves. The main decoration of the bride, who chose a bald hairstyle for the wedding day, was a distinctive floral wreath.

Johnson, 56, has lived with Symonds, 33, at the British Prime Minister’s home on Downing Street since 2019, when a conservative politician became prime minister. Last April, their son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson was born.

Reuters reminded that the conservative prime minister is twice divorced and refuses to reveal how many children he has.

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