British police raided warehouse looking for drugs … it was “bitcoin mine”

The event occurred the previous May 18, when they broke into what was allegedly an illegal marijuana farm, but what they found was a hundred computers running bitcoin “mining” operations.

They specified that the warehouse is located on an industrial plant in the city of Sandwell, which, according to the Police, “It had all the characteristics of a cannabis growing facility”.

“Lots of people visited the unit at different times of the day, multiple cables and vents were visible, and a police drone detected a significant heat source.”, Explain The report.

The confusion occurred because artificial heating is often used to grow marijuana in cold climates and high performance computers that mine bitcoins by competing with rivals to complete math problems (known as cryptocurrency mining) they generate a lot of heat.

Although it was not a cannabis farm and although bitcoin mining is not illegal in the UK, the Police discovered that the “mine” stole thousands of pounds worth of electricity to feed himself.

“We have seized the equipment and will be investigating its permanent seizure under the Assets of Crime Act.”, he pointed Jennifer Griffin, Sandwell Police Sgt.

“There was no one in the unit at the time of the search and no arrests have been made, but we will make inquiries with the owner of the unit.”, they ended.


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