Brexit.- Ireland sees “shocking” that the United Kingdom goes ahead with its plan to review the Brexit agreement


LONDON, 15 Sep. (DPA / EP) –

The Irish Foreign Minister, Simon Coveney, has described as “shocking” that the British Parliament admitted the internal market law on Monday that puts in check the commitments signed by the United Kingdom in the Brexit agreement.

“For many people, it is quite shocking that the Government is defending in Parliament a law that violates International Law,” Coveney has warned, in statements to journalists. “I don’t even remember that it had happened before,” he added.

The head of Irish diplomacy has stressed that there is “a lot of division” in the British political class on the convenience of this rule, which has ended up becoming a “huge distraction” in the negotiation process between London and Brussels to agree on the next months the framework of future relationships.

“We need to focus on regaining some of the confidence in the relations between the EU and the United Kingdom,” said Coveney, who has insisted that the “big prize” remains the agreement that should theoretically come into force on January 1, 2021 .

The Boris Johnson government has questioned several provisions of the Brexit deal, including the protocol to protect the Good Friday Agreements in Ulster. Johnson maintains that he wants to avoid interpretations of that text that imply the imposition of a ‘de facto’ border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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