Brexit: British government expects traffic jam around Dover for up to two days


After the end of the Brexit transition phase at the turn of the year, the British authorities expect considerable chaos at the checkpoint in Dover, according to an internal paper. In January, queues of up to 6,500 trucks are expected in the Kent region, according to a confidential government document reported by the British Guardian.

According to the experts’ calculations, in February it could even take up to two days for trucks to get to the check-in point in a traffic jam. The paper outlines a “worst-case scenario”. The authors write that the congestion and delays could arise even if the UK still manages to negotiate a trade pact with the EU.

Experts suggest service stations on motorways

Negotiations are currently stalling. If there is no agreement, there is a threat of a hard break with tariffs and other trade barriers at the turn of the year. But even if a contract were to be concluded, the UK would no longer be part of the European internal market from 2021, so that some controls would be necessary in any case.

In order to minimize the feared chaos, the experts propose, according to the paper, to set up service stations on motorways within the country. There, truck drivers are to be helped to prepare the necessary documents in good time before the border.

The aim should also be to build a software-based system with which the smooth movement of goods should be guaranteed. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, as the paper shows: 26 government agencies with 100 IT systems are to be involved. An important online traffic light system is also not to be tested until the end of November.

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