Brewers from Ermershausen: Three friends in a “beer frenzy” – mountains of hate

The beer should also be bottom-fermented, which is why it had to be cooled at eight degrees. Fortunately, beer was brewed in the Rädlein inn in Ibind until the 1950s and cooled in the rock cellar that belonged to it. There the “Rebell Hell” could now mature in the newly purchased 150-liter pot. But the first brew didn’t really taste good. “We had to fine-tune the recipe four to five times before it was ready,” says Hörner. The first self-brewed beer was given away to friends after the self-tasting, and it was well received. Interest increased and the three friends decided to officially sell their beer. But how should the great demand be met? Should you buy bigger equipment? Or even an old brewery? A “dumb” inquiry to the Raab brewery in Hofheim provided the solution. Master brewer Michael Raab acted as a “wage brewer” who brewed 3000 liters of his own creation for the three hobby brewers. The ingredients, such as yeast, hops and malt, were obtained from the brewery by the Ermershäuser.


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