BREAKING NEWS: Head of Solo Positive Education Agency Covid-19, Family & Employees Live Swab


Report by Reporter, Adi Surya Samodra

TRIBUNSOLO.COM, SOLO – The Head of the Solo City Education Agency, Etty Retnowati, was stated positive Covid-19.

The results after undergoing a swab test using the Reverse Transcription – Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) method, Sunday (07/26/2020).

The swab test results were just received by the Solo City Co-Task Force Acceleration Task Force Team, Sunday (2/8/2020).

That was said by the Chief Executive of the Solo City Co-Taskforce for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19, Ahyani.

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“The results of the swab test just came out yesterday, it was the result of the swab test conducted Sunday,” Ahyani said, Monday (3/8/2020).

The swab test undertaken by Etty is the result of tracing Solo Mayor Deputy Achmad Purnomo who was stated positive by Covid-19 some time ago.

“Right from the sequence,” Ahyani said.

Even so, Ahyani could not be sure whether Etty was exposed from Purnomo or not at this time the tracing was still being promoted.

“People who have been close to the head of the new service in the swab today, including official and family employees,” he said.

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Some Education Office rooms, continued Ahyani, have now been temporarily closed for a week.

“Spaces close to the chief’s office and the secretariat are temporarily closed,” Ahyani said.

“Service is still running because it is still possible in the office,” he added.

Ahyani revealed that Etty is currently in a healthy condition and is undergoing independent isolation at her home.

“The conditions are good now,” he said.

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