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[Epoch Times, January 14, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled and reported) Brave Entertainment announced on the 14th through the official cafe of its girl group Brave Girls that Brave Girls leader Kim Min-young has been in poor condition recently, and the doctor judged that she needs to accept Heal and rest well, so she will focus on healing and recuperation.

According to the announcement, Minying has been in a bad state recently, and because of this, she has been treated by a professional doctor. In addition to treatment, doctors determined that she needed adequate rest and recuperation in complete stability. Considering Minyoung’s future activities with Brave Girls, Minyoung will focus on healing and rest for now, while she is currently focusing on recovery.

Brave Entertainment apologized for causing fans to worry about the sudden announcement, and stated that the company will do its best to restore Minying to her health and let her meet everyone in a healthy appearance as soon as possible. The period of Minying’s resumption of activities will be determined according to her recovery status, and the company will inform everyone in the future.

After today’s announcement, fans from all over the world wrote on SNS, “Take care of yourself, don’t worry, focus on recovering, Fearless (official fan name) will be waiting for you”, “I hope you have a good rest”, “Don’t worry, Fearless will wait. You, come back after a good recovery.” Waiting for the message, wishing Minying a speedy recovery.

Brave Girls became popular last year with their “Rollin'” and “We Ride” retrograde charts. They released their fifth mini-album “Summer Queen” in June of the same year, and released their revamped album “After ‘We Ride'” in August. Brave Girls was originally scheduled to hold their first tour “THE BRAVE GIRLS SHOW” at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on January 15th and 16th, but was seriously affected by the spread of the CCP virus (COVID-19/Wuhan pneumonia) in South Korea. The postponement was announced on the 27th of last month.

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