Brass quintet concert by rare animals! ZOORASIAN BRASS COLLECTION ~Showa Doyo Great People~ – Dtimes

Starting with the conductor Okapi, the brass quintet “Zoorasian Brass” is performed by all rare animals.

At the concert “Zoorasian Brass Collection” of such “Zoorasian Brass” this time, we will perform familiar songs and nostalgic masterpieces with the theme of Showa nursery rhymes.

“Zoorasian Brass Collection ~Showa Doyo Great People~”

Date and time: Saturday, September 3, 2022 Opening time 13:30 Start time 14:00

Venue: Yokohama City Midori Ward Cultural Center Midori Art Park (Midori Ward, Yokohama City)

Price: All seats reserved 3,500 yen (tax included) * Admission from 0 years old is possible. 3 years old and over pay. Up to 2 years old can sit on the lap for free (up to 1 person per adult) on the 1st floor.

Organizer: Super Kids Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Midori Art & Media Partners

Support: Yokohama Arts Festival Executive Committee (Yokohama Otomatsuri Partner Project)

Tickets: Super Kids Ticket Center

Zoorasian Brass will hold the “Zoorasian Brass Collection” (abbreviation: Zukore) on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at Midori Art Park, Midori Ward Cultural Center, Yokohama City!

Starting with the conductor Okapi, the brass quintet “Zoorasian Brass” is performed by all rare animals.

It was born in 2000 with the hope that it could play a role like a picture book in classical music, and will celebrate its 22nd anniversary in 2022.

In 2014, the concert initiative was highly evaluated, and Super Kids Co., Ltd. was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of the 300 small and medium-sized enterprises that do their best.

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In addition to releasing numerous CDs and DVDs, they have also released scores, expanding the horizons of the brass ensemble world.

The concert of such “Zoorasian Brass” is “Zoorasian Brass Collection”

This is a concert where you can enjoy new arrangements of brass quintet and saxophone quartet according to the theme.

This time, with the theme of Showa nursery rhymes, Zoorasian Brass and Saxo Fox will perform familiar songs and nostalgic masterpieces.

Recently, many famous songs are disappearing from textbooks.

Nursery rhymes “I’ve heard it somewhere” are revived with a new arrangement.

The perfect event for small children to make their concert debut!

It was an introduction to “Zoorasian Brass Collection ~Showa Doyo Great People~”.

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