Boxer Ruby Jesiah Mesu converts to Islam


Ruby delivered her Chahada in a mosque in the Netherlands in the presence of witnesses. Also known as “The Lady Tyson”, she has been praised by many Muslim figures.

As a reminder, Ruby Jesiah Mesu, was the victim of a terrible car accident in 2016. A drama that interrupted his career in kickboxing and martial arts. After critical surgeries, it took months of physical and mental rehabilitation to regain her confidence.

Against the advice of her doctors, she returned to her favorite sport a year and a half after the accident, saying, “Before the accident, I was really working towards a goal. If all of that suddenly goes away, you lose motivation. I always kept this desire to kick-box, to become a champion. “Then to add:” The fights give me much more satisfaction. After a year and a half of hard work, I got an agreement from the ‘hospital to fight again “. “If I don’t kickbox, I’m just not happy,” she concluded.

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