Boston Dynamics robot dog “Spot” dances with BTS –Hyundai Motor “welcome” video –CNET Japan

Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. officially completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, the developer of the beloved dog-shaped robot “Spot,” last week. Brand ambassador BTS is celebrating and welcoming Boston Dynamics’ “family entry” in a video released to commemorate the completion of the acquisition.

Two videos of Spot dancing have been released. In the first video, Boston Dynamics robots such as Spot show off their brilliant movements with BTS members. In the second video, multiple Spots show off their undisturbed choreography to BTS’s “ION IQ: I’m on it.” This song is a collaboration song produced for Hyundai’s new electric vehicle brand “IONIQ”. From this brand, “IONIQ 5” is now available.

This article was edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan from an article from overseas Red Ventures.


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