Border dog in Terekhovo found valuable cargo in the car – 155,000 euros

Carrying out control measures at the Latvian-Russian border, the SRS Customs Department officials prevented an attempt to take undeclared 155,000 euros in cash to the EU, representatives of the SRS reported.

Undeclared money was hidden in the structure of the car under the seat and found by a customs dog.

On Friday, September 16, at the customs control point Terekhovo, while inspecting vehicles leaving Latvia, a customs cynologist with a sniffer dog found a cache in a car with a German registration number, which contained a large amount of undeclared money.

The vehicle was sent for a thorough search, during which customs officers found that packages of euro banknotes wrapped in plastic wrap were hidden in the car’s structure under the seat.

Hiding from customs control, the man tried to transfer 155,000 euros in cash across the border. Undeclared money was seized.

In connection with this fact, the SRS Tax and Customs Police Department initiated a criminal case under the third part of Article 195 of the Criminal Law against one person for alleged laundering of proceeds from crime, which was committed on a large scale.

The SRS reminds that when crossing the border of Latvia in places where it is also an external border of the European Union, any person is obliged to declare cash in the amount of 10,000 euros. An individual must complete the monetary declaration form in writing, confirming the accuracy of the information indicated in it with a signature, and submit it to an official of the customs authority when crossing the external border of the country.

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