Book tip: “How to get your own seeds” by Sigrid Drage

The book in one sentence: Ecologically, practically and sustainably well.

This is what it’s about: Seeds is a topic that readers should address more than just by mistake. More than just a little variety depends on seeds. Every gardener knows the importance of not only enjoying the beauty of plants as often as possible, but also thinking about the future with seeds and seeds. The Löwenzahn-Verlag has been convincing for many years with books that are well worth reading, which go far beyond garden design and create the basis for seeing your own garden through different eyes. After the success of the book about “Permaculture”, the author Sigrid Drage has dealt with the production of seeds. Your book is both a plea and a guide and manages to provide extensive information and explanations. Both succeed in a sustainable way and always remain close to practice. Topics such as “young plant cultivation”, “durability”, “vegetative propagation” are clarified as well as everything to do with the propagation of plants. The centerpiece is portraits of the colorful heroes from A for amaranth to K for coriander to Y for hyssop. The photos, which play with the charm of satisfaction and happiness in gardening and repeatedly show the author, are also successful. The book is lifelike and appealing – in words and pictures. Once again a special book from the house of Löwenzahn by an accomplished author. Whether it will be enough to save the world remains to be seen, but with these 240 pages, a good step has been taken towards increasing understanding of plant diversity.

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This is what makes the book special: The guide follows the publisher’s passion for more than just dealing with ecological issues: It is about the value of seeds, preserving diversity in our gardens and the adventure of understanding yourself as part of a movement that will one day be elementary becomes. And starting early is better than starting too late.

The author: Sigrid Drage is a passionate permaculturist. The doctor of ecology runs the 100 percent permaculture-managed Sonnentor Frei-Hof. It is important to her to preserve botanical diversity, to create sustainable habitats and thus to make a contribution to a future worth living in.

The book pleases gardeners who … Just like the author, think about our environment and rely on the propagation of seeds.

“How to get your own seeds – and save a little piece of the world.”
Preserving old varieties, celebrating plant diversity, being independent

Sigrid Drage

240 pages, bound
ISBN 978-3-7066-2685-9
Löwenzahn Publishing House


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