Bonuses for young professionals in health care institutions of Mogilev

In this material, future graduates and their parents can find out what bonuses are provided under the collective agreement and from the employer to young professionals in the city’s healthcare institutions – this will help in the future and in the near future (who is still thinking) to decide on a profession before applying to a university or college.

Mogilev Regional Children’s Hospital

Organization of work with youth is one of the important activities of the primary trade union organization. Mentors help young professionals adapt to the workplace. Legal and economic conditions and guarantees are being created for the self-realization of a young person. The hospital does not have its own hostel, therefore, at the request of the institution, all out-of-town specialists who are in need are provided with places in the hostels of the city.

– Young people join the team, try to fulfill their professional duties well, and participate in public life. Organization of mass cultural and health-improving events is at the heart of the work on the formation of corporate culture. The sports team of the institution is constantly actively participating in competitions of various scales, replenishing the “piggy bank” of the hospital’s achievements with their victories, – says Svetlana Yurchenko, chairman of the primary trade union organization of the Mogilev Regional Children’s Hospital.

Holidays are interesting and eventful in the team. For example, the theater team of the Little Country institution prepares performances for initiation into the profession of young specialists and for the Day of the Medical Worker. A tournament on intellectual games is also held among the youth teams of health care organizations of the Mogilev region.

The employer and the trade union organization encourage young people to take an active part in public life.

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During the Republican subbotnik, graduates of the Mogilev Medical College, who were assigned to the health care institution “Mogilev Regional Children’s Hospital”, together with their young colleagues, planted a linden alley. Thus, they continued the tradition established last year, when for the first time in Belarus, students, together with young specialists, planted an alley of “Young Specialists” on the territory of the institution.

Mogilev hospital №1

Every year, the staff of the institution is replenished with new employees who arrive at their first workplace after graduating from a college or university.

“In 2021, 22 young specialists arrived, including 3 with higher education, the rest with secondary special education,” says Irina Surovets, chairperson of the primary trade union organization of the Mogilev Hospital No. 1. “They are assigned mentors who help them immerse themselves in the everyday life of a medical worker.

Last year, upon arrival at their first workplace, young specialists received payments totaling more than 3,300 rubles, as well as compensation in connection with the move – more than 1,400 rubles, a scholarship for July 2021 – more than 1,900 rubles.

“Two young professionals received applications for rental housing,” continues the chairman of the trade union committee. – The collective agreement provides for financial assistance to young professionals upon marriage for the first time in the amount of 5 BV, at the birth of a child 3 BV, partial compensation for renting a dwelling quarterly in the amount of 5 BV.

In order for young specialists to feel like full-fledged members of the team, the health care institution holds a holiday “Initiation into the profession of young specialists”.

– Last year, the holiday began with a walking tour of the city of Mogilev, where young colleagues once again remembered the history of our ancient and beautiful city, and the celebration ended in the bowling club “On Dubrovka”, where young people demonstrated their sports capabilities. The event was held with the participation of TEUP “Mogilevtourist”. As a gift, all young colleagues received medical clothes and, according to tradition, a certificate of a young specialist, – says Irina Surovets.

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The hospital has created and operates a “School of Nursing”, which is led by the chief nurse Galina Stalmakova.

In the classroom, the issues of adaptation of a young specialist in the first workplace, practical readiness for independent work, and the level of initiative are considered. Questioning of young specialists is carried out, according to the results of which changes are made to the thematic and calendar work plan.

Mogilev Regional Clinical Hospital

In the institution, one fifth of the employees are young people under the age of 31 – this is 306 people.

“This year, 24 young specialists started working – these are 5 doctors, 19 medical workers with secondary education, and 53 interns,” says Elena Borzykh, chairman of the primary trade union organization of the Mogilev Regional Clinical Hospital. – And, as you know, youth is the most important prospective human resource potential of any institution.

So that young specialists do not experience problems associated with their first appointment, the administration and the trade union committee provide them with the most realistic information about future working conditions, and support the initiative of newcomers. At the same time, young employees are given the opportunity to show their professional abilities to the fullest.

– The institution created an order on the organization of mentoring, developed a regulation and individual plans, which stipulate such points as the development of new methods and manipulations, as well as issues of ethics and deontology, participation in the public life of the team. All guarantees provided for by law and the collective agreement are paid to young professionals in full,” says Elena Borzykh.

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Every year, young specialists celebrate the “Initiation into the Profession” holiday with the presentation of gifts and the payment of financial assistance. The ruble also supports all participants in competitions and contests, which take place within the walls of the hospital a lot.

By the way, the institution holds competitions for the best nurse, which makes it possible to identify more professional workers and thereby improve the quality of medical care.

The trade union committee, together with the administration, actively solves the housing problems of young people. Young specialists and interns upon arrival at their workplaces are immediately provided with living quarters in the dormitory out of turn. At the request of the institution, they receive rental housing at a reduced rate. Young families with two minor children are offered places for the construction of apartments with preferential loans.

According to the collective agreement, young specialists are paid bonuses to wages. For example, graduates in distribution who have received higher and secondary specialized education – in the amount of 20% of the salary.

Graduates who have received higher medical, pharmaceutical education, working in the direction of educational institutions (after completing an internship) in budgetary organizations – in the amount of 30% of the salary.

Graduates who have received higher education, included in the data banks of gifted and talented youth – in the amount of 50% of the salary.

The allowance for young specialists is established according to the main position.

Prepared by Daria SHEVTSOVA

Photo by Stepan TYUSHKEVICH, is illustrative

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