Bonomi: ‘Confindustria is not a candidate to make a party’ – Economy

“From Palazzo Chigi I expect the best possible that can come out of President Draghi’s meeting with the trade unions, hence the renewed willingness of everyone to work in the interest of the country”, said the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi at ‘Mezz’ora plus’ on Rai3.

“Confindustria is not a candidate to form a party”, Bonomi said again: “no”, Confindustria is not a candidate together with Draghi to cover this political void. “If you have heard my report, there is a passage in which I say we respect parties and institutions. What we have highlighted is that the Draghi government has done the things the country needed on 3 essential points: the plan vaccinal, rewrote the first 80 pages of the NRP and brought back that international credibility of Italy in Europe, the G20 and NATO “, he added.

“We wanted to make it clear that there is a historic occasion for the country. We have the feeling that, due to the administrative elections process, the game of flags has begun on many important issues, we do not want this game to jeopardize what the country has been waiting for reforms for 30 years “. Bonomi recalled the reforms of social safety nets and active policies, taxation, social security and competition: “We can no longer allow there to be a slowdown in the process and we have made commitments with the EU”.

“The response of the trade unions” to the proposal for a Pact “seems positive to me: I have however read the desire to explore this possibility because some things are left to politics, others to the social partners, so we and the unions have the responsibility to give answers “.

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“We have the same position as the unions, we are to strengthen bargaining because it guarantees everyone, and the example comes from Ita”, explained the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, speaking on the minimum wage. In the countries where it has been inserted, he adds, “the tendency of companies is to leave collective bargaining and this is not in the interest of the workers. We must go and strike at pirate contracts, which are made by those who have no representation and dump wages. There we must work together “.



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