Bolivia: two congressmen kick and punch during interpellation to minister

Of the Bolivian congressmen The ruling party and the opposition exchanged kicks and punches on Tuesday during a public session that received a report from a government minister on the arrest of former right-wing president Jeanine Áñez last March.

Senator Henry Montero, from the right-wing opposition party Creemos, and deputy Antonio Gabriel Colque, from the ruling Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), exchanged public attacks, according to images broadcast on television.

The eventful session took place during the report of the Minister of Government (Interior), Fernando del Castillo.

“Accomplices, accomplices!”

The authority made an account of the political conflict in Bolivia, since the resignation in 2019 of the then leftist president Evo Morales and repeated the accusation of the ruling party to the opposition that there was then a coup.

“History has shown that the people imposed themselves on the de facto government (of Áñez), now we already know the truth, in Bolivia there was a coup that killed people and stole money from Bolivians, “said the authority.

Opponents pointed out that Áñez’s incarceration in mid-March was a violation of the law. They also reject the accusation of a coup and claim that the people rose up in November 2019, denouncing fraud by Morales in the elections a month earlier.

Minister Del Castillo shouted “accomplices, accomplices!” Of that supposed coup, to the parliamentarians of Creemos, led by the governor of the prosperous Santa Cruz region (east), Luis Fernando Camacho, a key player in the fall of Morales.

Congressman Montero demanded respect and was later pushed by Colque and other pro-government legislators who surrounded him. Montero and Colque exchanged kicks and punches and the official was thrown to the ground, before the opponent’s blows.

At another point in the congressional facilities, in the Plaza de Armas in La Paz, the parliamentarians Tatiana Áñez de Creemos and María Alanoca from MAS also pushed and even pulled their hair.

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The session of Congress was suspended for several minutes, until the climate of belligerence ceased, and Minister Del Castillo continued with his report.

(With information from AFP)


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