Bojankov: I remember when Slavi and Boyko were friends, Doncheva at a banquet of “Multigroup”, and Manolova “chance” for Oresharski – ᐉ News from – Bulgaria

Elephant in the room. 4 serious problems in “There is such a people” become a drama for the whole of Bulgaria. This was stated by Yavor Bozhankov from the BSP and specified:

1. “We will not work with the parties of the status quo.” ITNs are a difficult status quo. I was born in 1990, but I remember how Trifonov stood behind Kuneva, then went to the movies with Boyko, but they quarreled. For real estate, for ministers – all this. They were friends. Slavi-Boyko’s last toothless interview was very soon.

2. The parties they say they will work with are IMV and DB. I go back to my childhood. While I was discovering CS in the computer rooms, and outside the mutters were shaking whoever they wanted, Tatiana Doncheva was at a banquet of “Multigroup”, and Maya Manolova was “a chance for” Peevski and Oresharski. Then Boyko made her an ombudsman, and finally this “face of protest” blossomed in Bozhkov’s office. Talk to me about the status quo.

3. That they do not work with the MRF – has long been in question. But that’s not scary. For 1 month in the 45th parliament ITN showed that they just do not know what to do. No one to work with.

4. S. Trifonov will not become an MP. The elephant in the room is the fact that he is not there. And he is not there, not because he will be responsible for another institution. When they plan to tell you the truth and how long they will make us all balaclavas – this is the elephant that has settled in the middle of the room. It is only a matter of time before someone sees it.

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