Bodies of water, rivers … Here is the new map of outdoor swimming areas in Wallonia

Summer is approaching and you may have planned to take advantage of one of the outdoor swimming areas available in Wallonia… Good news: they will be open from this Tuesday, June 1 until next September 30.

Thanks to “the construction of collective purification stations, the installation of new sewers and collectors and the installation of purification systems“New areas have been added to the list this year. This is what the Walloon Ministry of the Environment announced on Monday in a press release.

The Bambois lake in Fosses-la-Ville (province of Namur) is one of them, but also the “Canal-Plage” bathing site at the Maison du Canal de l’Espierres in Leers-Nord (Hainaut).

Find all the locations in the map above. The quality of the bathing water at these authorized places is checked every week and can be consulted on the official Wallonia website by clicking here.

Pay attention to health and safety

This is even one of the advantages of these sites: ensuring swimmers that they are enjoying sufficiently clean water. Other sites may possibly be suitable for swimming but they are not subject to permanent monitoring of their microbiological quality, which may give rise in particular to gastroenteritis.“, warns the Walloon Ministry of the Environment.

The same source adds: “There are also sites that are dangerous for the physical safety of bathers.. “Hence a call from Céline Tellier (Ecolo), the Minister of the Environment in Wallonia, to favor the sites indicated in the map above.

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