BNPT will use exclusive applications to avoid activism amid staff members

Jakarta (Antara) – The National Anti-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) is searching for to utilize a specific software to measure the exposure and vulnerability of staff members of ministries and non-ministerial federal government agencies to radicalism.

“As counter-terrorism coordinator, BNPT RI will utilize a exclusive tool referred to as ‘Apsifor Instrumen Kebangsaan (Apik)’,” BNPT main commissioner Boy Rafli Amar claimed in a written statement received in Jakarta on Wednesday.

As a result of this instrument, ministries and non-ministerial government organizations will be able to see the extent to which potential and existing staff are impacted by activism. This software is not only for prospective workforce, but also for more mature staff members who are on the task.

According to Amar, the BNPT has formally introduced Apik as a instrument to measure an individual’s vulnerability to radical extremism.

BNPT will use Apik with the aid of the Indonesian Affiliation of Forensic Psychology (Apsifor). Apsifor created the Apik instrument primarily based on concepts of psychological science. As a result, Apik BNPT will be responsible for drawing the personal map.

He spelled out that the instrument will be needed when ministries and non-ministerial federal government companies are recruiting new staff and examining older staff for selected positions.

“We have gained programs from a quantity of organizations to evaluate the extent to which likely staff members or personnel who will serve in strategic positions are uncovered to radical terrorism,” he said.

By implementing the instrument, data on publicity to activism can be interpreted academically, he stated.

Meanwhile, Reni Kusumowardhani, head of Apsifor, explained that Apik takes advantage of 4 indicators to start with, intolerant angle second, absence of obligation, third, imposing beliefs on others fourth, slim-mindedness.

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“The scale can also be utilised to recognize the threat of activism exposure and the threat of excessive action,” he reported.

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