BMCI digitizes its CSR report


BMCI is the first Moroccan bank to launch its digital reporting platform for corporate social responsibility.

In a desire to engage as a citizen bank and maintain the continuity of its actions in terms of corporate social responsibility, BMCI is positioned as the first Moroccan bank to launch its new digital platform for its CSR report, announces a press release .

The digital CSR report also takes into account, through its Indexing system, the main existing standards and regulatory frameworks. It maintains voluntary alignment with international standards Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) undertaken by BMCI in 2018 and meets regulatory and sectoral requirements in a structural eco-design approach to reporting.

This new format allows BMCI to facilitate access to information for all of its stakeholders through a user-friendly interface, according to the same press release.

As a corporate citizen bank, social responsibility is at the heart of BMCI’s growth model and corporate strategy. The recognition of BMCI’s actions confirms the company’s commitment at the highest level and the relevance of its CSR approach.

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