Blanquer Relays Pink Floyd Parody To Support Keeping Schools Open

The minister shared a clip on his Twitter account, campaigning for live lessons in schools and against distance learning. The initiative displeases the left and the side of the teachers’ unions.

Perhaps he will find a little indulgence with the English and music teachers. This Monday morning, the thing seems however very uncertain. Sunday evening, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, in any case annoyed the opposition and the teachers’ unions by sharing on his Twitter account a video originally shot in California, without further explanation. The choice of the song as the forbidden subject have visibly struck.

To teachers who feel left behind in the face of the third wave of Covid-19, the minister has offered a musical parody calling for the schools to be kept open. And while some caregivers have been ensuring for weeks that the insufficiency of the measures put in place sends the country “into the wall”, he chose a song parodying one of the best-known tracks on the album. The Wall de Pink Floyd: Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2. (One More Brick in the Wall, Part 2 in French), renamed here for the cause Another Window on Zoom (One More Window on Zoom).

Words of discord

If in the original version, the bassist and singer of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, said all the bad things he thought about life in British schools and boarding schools, this is to advocate the return or maintenance at all costs lessons inside schools despite the health situation.

“We hate online education / It really feels like we lost control / We don’t remember math and physics anymore / If only they would leave us alone / Hey folks bring them back to the school / Staying at home for so long is so unfair and so cruel “, sings first, in English, a collective of adults.

Then, this time as in the song recorded in the studio by the progressive rock group, comes the turn of a children’s choir to shout out: “We just need to learn in the flesh / We can’t not be on the internet all day / We want to see our friends at school / We can’t stay at home anymore / Hey folks, take us back to school / At the end of the day, we’re just one more window on Zoom. “

The teachers don’t want to laugh

None of this really made those first concerned laugh. The Snes-FSU, the first secondary school union, replied with a video compiling the “orders, counter-orders, approximations” of the Ministry of National Education for a year on the subject of the epidemic.

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The collective of Red Pens, which asks for the improvement of the means allocated to teachers, has also said the bottom of its thoughts on Twitter. “After refusing to invest the slightest euro to secure schools, hacked the contamination figures, reduced the health protocol 3 times, Jean-Michel Blanquer rejects the distance without the slightest argument by throwing a video like a vulgar troll. SHAME ! ” they wrote.

Jean-Rémi Girard, president of the National Union of High Schools and Colleges (SNALC), slipped: “We agree that any other explanation that ‘his account has been hacked’ is not imaginable?”

Kundera to the rescue

Part of the political class has also stood out. Olivier Faure, deputy elected in Seine-et-Marne and first secretary of the Socialist Party, estimated: “Everywhere teachers, school directors, mayors are struggling between orders and against orders. The virus is at its highest since the 2nd wave and Blanquer has been mumusing on YouTube while the parents are anxious “. The whole under a quote taking again the title of a novel by Milan Kundera: “The unbearable lightness of the being”.

3256 classes already closed on Friday

Whether we prefer the references to Milan Kundera or the diversions of Pink Floyd, the distance courses seem however destined to multiply in the weeks to come.

Indeed, from this Monday, a single case of Covid-19 detected in a class will suffice to close it entirely in the nineteen departments subject to reinforced restrictions. Called to react to this subject in front of our cameras, Olivier Beaufrère, principal of the Louis-Armand high school in Yerres, in Essonne, posed: “We expect 2, 3 to 4 times more classes to close”.

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As of Friday March 26, and according to figures provided by the Ministry of National Education itself, there were already 3,256 closed classes in France.

Robin Verner

Robin Verner BFMTV reporter

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