Blanquer in the washing machine of education personnel

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The mobilization of National Education staff and parents of students brought together around 400 people yesterday in Tarbes. Minister Blanquer has been the target of all criticism.

“I came to support my mistress. I’m tired of keeping the mask on all the time,” says Enora, in Ce1 class at Gardères, accompanied by her dad, Gautier. “These protocols which change all the time, it is unmanageable for parents, teachers. We want clearer rules.

at the call of the inter-union, they are about 400, National Education staff, parents of students, students, etc. gathered this Thursday 13, in front of the town hall of Tarbes, which constitutes a good turnout.

There was no parade, but instead a large orchestrated laundry in front of the town hall compound. An operation inspired by an annual educational action where students are invited to draw on a theme. There, the subject was Jean-Michel Blanquer. The Minister of National Education, clearly targeted by the slogans and during the speech of the unions, was plunged into the washing machine. Participants in the demonstration could take a poster with the portrait of the minister decked out in a dunce-Covid cap and write the demand or punchline of their choice on it. The posters were then hung on clotheslines. “The false choyeur”, “Blanquer seriously harms our children” or even “Against the Blanquer virus, the remedy is us” could we read on the posters.

In addition, union representatives have organized a collection of useless fabric masks, which they will send back to the academy inspector. “We no longer want these “slips” masks which are not at all protective. We are asking, at the very least, for type 2 surgical masks for all personnel, and FFP2, which are more protective, for the most vulnerable people”, explains Véronique Duran, from Snuipp.

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“Burnt out”

At the start of the speech of the unions, Claude Martin, of the FSU, specifies that it is not a question “of asking for the closure of schools, but quite simply to be able to work in correct conditions, without taking risks to anyone. But today, it’s the opposite. We’re eliminating the tests, that way, everything is fine, and we keep the children who are sick. If we want to spread the virus, there’s no only to continue… If it is a question of protecting, it is necessary to take measures. The first, invariable, is the number of personnel. If we want to welcome smaller groups, we must have more of them, have more local”. He also mentions the installation of Co2 sensors, air purifiers, etc. Claude Martin concludes by specifying that the staff are not “strike against the virus” but against the calamitous management of National Education by the Minister. Frédérique Lemaire, of the SNES-FSU, agrees, recalling that National Education, like the hospital, is “at the end of the line, because for years, we have been eliminating positions”. Valérie Duprat, of the SGEN-CFDT, specifies that the teachers “are not against the protocols” but she wishes that their implementation “be discussed with us”.

Finally, David Castebrunet, from Snuipp, read a hilarious school report from dunce Blanquer, from kindergarten to college, punctuated by a plea: “We are not used to excluding students, but if Mr. Blanquer could submitting his resignation would not be a solution, but it would suit us”.

The FCPE wants more replacements

Olivier Ducros, member of the office of the FCPE 65, underlines “the feeling of annoyance of the parents of pupils with regard to the protocols put in place. The parents are tired of having their children tested on the right and on the left”. He adds that “the pool of replacement teachers is not large enough to meet the needs of replacing absent teachers. National Education must recruit and train new staff. In 2020, children suffered from confinement “Distance school is practically unmanageable. We want to keep schools open and for that we need replacements”.

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