BLACKPINK Jennie is suspected of having a leak in her ears during her performance, so she quickly returns to the performance after dodging + squatting on the ground- KSD (stars)

star Friday, October 28, 2022 14:15 Tracy


(Cover image source: Jennie IG)

During BLACKPINK’s US performance, Jennie screamed abnormally and squatted on the ground, which was a thrilling scene.

During this time, BLACKPINK held the “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR-BORN PINK” tour in the United States, and some fans took a heart-wrenching scene. I saw Jennie, who was originally focusing on the performance, suddenly screamed, and subconsciously dodged, hugged her head back, and squatted down, suspected of being an ear leak. However, as a professional idol, she only showed discomfort for a few seconds, and soon returned to normal and continued to perform. This process was recorded by the fans at the scene, and the leakage of electricity back to the ear is only the speculation of most fans and netizens, and it has not been confirmed.

The related video quickly spread on the Internet, attracting the attention of a large number of fans and netizens. In addition to praising Jennie’s professional attitude, they also worried about whether she was injured because of it, and criticized the brokerage company for not checking the equipment in advance.

In addition, BLACKPINK officially started a global tour, from October to next year, and will also sing in Hong Kong and Kaohsiung, Taiwan on January 13, 14, and March 18, 2023, respectively.


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